Laurel’s Lap

10:25 a.m. start

Laurel Run is all about celebrating the achievements of people with disabilities. That’s why Laurel’s Lap is the best part of Laurel Run, because it gives people with disabilities the opportunity to be in the spotlight.

In Laurel’s Lap, anyone with a disability is invited to take a lap around the track surrounding the ball field next to the Village Square. Some people run around the track on their own; some ride cycles; some people walk or roll with assistance from family members, caregivers or onlookers. But everyone makes it around the track one way or the other, to the applause of spectators.

Laurel’s Lap is truly an inspirational moment, and more than a few tears have been shed as people watch individuals with disabilities giving it their all to complete Laurel’s Lap.

There is no fee for people to participate in Laurel’s Lap, and there is no need to register – just come on out and do the lap.

Because we do not charge an entry fee, please consider sponsoring one or more people with disabilities to participate in Laurel’s Lap by making a donation. Through your contribution, we can ensure that every Laurel’s Lap participant receives a Laurel Run T-shirt and goody bag. To make a donation, complete the form below. In addition to knowing that you’ve made it possible for someone to participate in Laurel Run, in exchange for your donation, we’ll list your name on this page. And we’ve even included a spot for you to leave a message of encouragement to the Laurel’s Lap participants.

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