Virtual Laurel-Thon

Many people would like to be part of Laurel Run but are unable to participate, either because they have other local commitments during Laurel Run; they’ll be out of the area when Laurel Run takes place; or they live outside of Western New York. For this reason, we’ve created the Virtual Laurel Run so that everyone can have a chance to be part of this wonderful event.

Taking part in the Virtual Laurel Run is simple. First, decide what you want to do – for instance, you could do a 5-kilometer walk or an 8K run, or even take on the 30-mile Laurel-thon. Or you could choose your own distance to walk or run (or bicycle, or rollerblade, or kayak, etc.). Then, sometime between now and Laurel Run, go out and complete your personal Laurel Run! You can choose to do your Virtual Laurel Run on the same day of the main Laurel Run; or you can accomplish it over the course of several days, which may be a better option for people who want to cover a long distance such as running 30 miles or bicycling 100 miles. You’re only limited by your imagination! The point is to demonstrate your support for people with special needs by agreeing to “Go the Distance” and completing your personal Laurel Run.

Participating in the Virtual Laurel Run is free. To make it official, complete the form below and decide what you want to do for your Virtual Laurel Run. If you’re feeling inspired, you can set up a personal fund-raising page and collect donations from family members, friends and co-workers in support of your personal Laurel Run. Everyone who raises or donates at least $40 will receive a 2020 Laurel Run T-shirt and a finisher’s medal made by people with special needs. Click to button below to start raising money!!!


Remember to post about your Virtual Laurel Run using the hashtag #LaurelRun.

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